Research: The first step is to research. A delegate who prepares well will have thoroughly read recent news regarding his or her topic, stances of countries, background on the topic, direct and indirect concerns relating to the topic and his or her country's foreign policy. It is important when researching to be specific and highlight and take only the information that is necessary to your research


Think: The next step is to think, it does not just end with research. It is important to analyse both the problem as well as a country's situation before beginning to resolve a problem. A good delegate uses both logic and collected knowledge to come up with both efficient and effective solutions to the problem.


Speak: One of the last but most important stages in preparation, speaking. Model United Nations requires delegates to not only come up with ideas and solutions but to present them in a formal and diplomatic manner. It is therefore, Important for delegates to discuss topics and practice public speaking. Discussing the given topic will not only help you inmprov your speaking skills but will also lead you to discover new ideas and points and help you to identify the crux of the problem.

Dress code: Western formals

Girls: Formal shirt/top, trousers. Comfortable shoes. (school shoes are fine)

Boys: Formal shirt/trousers. Blazer optional. Tie compulsory. Formal shoes (school shoes are fine)