United Nations Security Council

Persian Gulf Crisis

The Security Council is responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security. This year, the committee will visit the ongoing Persian Gulf crisis, an international conflict involving the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States of America. Delegates will attempt to resolve the heightened political tensions between the two countries as a result of aggressive American policies under the Trump administration. A complex geopolitical dispute fuelled by foreign interests in oil and mutual nuclear unrest, the crisis in the Gulf will hold delegates to high standards of competition and collaboration throughout the conference.

International Press Corps

Improvement of the CBFC with a special focus on censorship

Certification or censorship: What does the last 'C' in in CBFC really stand for? The Central Board of Film Certification has been a hotly debated topic among journalists for years now. Most believe that that there is no place for censorship in a mature democracy while others believe that the sanctity of the Indian nation must not be tarnished by 'culture-less film'. In this committee, journalists will take up the passionate issue of 'expression or exposé?' and navigate their way through media biases to present successful and sustainable solutions for the future of expression in Indias free democracy.

All Indian Political Party Meet

Discussing the Uniform civil code in relation to improving inheritance laws with regards to class conflict

The All Indian Political Party Meet is a convention attended by all the political parties of our nation. This committee uses its caliber to arrive at a concession on a bill prior to a session of the parliament. The introduction of this forum is rather prudent, they provide an unbound forum for political members to express their thoughts and diversify a viewpoint prior to the legislative process.
The Uniform Civil Code has been a longstanding controversial issue in India due to the myriad religious beliefs of several minorities. Up until now, there has been a severe lack of effort to resolve the said issue. Our vision as your EB is to arrive at a consensus that benefits all parties at stake.
The agenda, by virtue, is very nuanced and vast- we’d like to direct our attention to inheritance specifically due to its problematic nature in regards to class conflict.